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A trip to Goriška brda

Goriška brda is a picturesque hilly landscape, nested halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Famous for its excellent wines, good cuisine, romantic villages and numerous natural and cultural sights, it has earned the nickname of “Slovenian Tuscany”. It will undoubtedly inspire you for a day trip or a longer vacation that you can spend in the Pulec apartments located right next to us.

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What to do in Goriška brda?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when visiting Goriška brda.

TOP 5 activities:

TOP 5 natural and cultural sights:

Nearby in Italy, there is the picturesque town of Cividale with the fascinating Devil’s Bridge and other attractions, including the pilgrimage site of Castlemonte. . A bit further on, we recommend a visit to the Cave of San Giovanni d’Antro.


Where to go for wine tasting?

We recommend a visit to the Pulec wine cellar (by prior arrangement), which is located right next to us and offers 13 top-quality and award-winning wines.

The largest wine cellar in Goriška brda is the Klet Brda in Dobrovo, but you can also visit many other famous and lesser-known wineries – click for more information.

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